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High Rise Roof Installation and Repair

High rise encompasses everything from apartments and condominiums to office buildings and industrial structures. Their roof installation and repairs are similar to those of other residential or commercial projects, with the exception that much of the work is done above ground. They require more attention, time, and planning.

The roofs are typically more difficult to access, requiring the use of superior cabling systems to transport materials to and debris from them. The entire installation and repair process needs caution, experience, and precision.

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Installation and Repair of High Rise Roofs

The first thing you should do before installing a new roof is to consult with a contractor. They would need to inspect properly in order to provide you with a cost estimate and other details. You would need to provide them with all relevant information and not leave anything out. It is preferable to do so because it saves time and money in the future.

The roofs of other buildings are more easily accessed and therefore more easily installed, repaired, and replaced. High-rise structures are not the same. Due to the general difficulty of access and the high risk, they are understandably more expensive.

The most difficult aspect of high-rise roofing is gaining access to the roof. Swing stages are generally the best option because they allow you to focus your attention solely on the areas that require repair. However, on some structures, this type of rigging may not be feasible or efficient. Scaffolding or mast climbing work platforms are erected over the entire structure in this case to allow access to work areas. This takes a significant amount of time, effort, and money, making high-rise roof installation and repair more expensive.

On large repair projects, it is best to plan and sequence the work. Typically, more than 10-20 tasks are completed concurrently on high-rise projects. The project succeeds due to careful planning and execution. The repair material you use also has a significant impact on the job.

Some of the factors that contribute to a successful high rise roofing installation and repair are as follows: 

  • Survey - concentrate on gathering data because there may be unanticipated issues that require additional time and money
  • Planning in great detail 
  • The Order of Communication 
  • Careful execution 
  • Preparation for unforeseen events such as bad weather

Gaining access, building relationships with owners and tenants, and maintaining a good safety record are all critical factors in any roofing job. This is why, at NE roofing contractors, we take these factors seriously and strive to provide you with the best service possible.

High Rise Roof Installation and Repair Estimate

Concerns about safety and security grow in proportion to a building’s height. This means that when compared to a standard roofing system, installing and repairing high-rise roofs is more difficult. As a result, it is more costly. 

Gaining access can be one of the most costly and difficult aspects of this type of job, especially if only minor repairs are required. It is not recommended for a contractor to cut corners to save money or time, as this will come back to haunt you. Especially if the repairs are covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

An online calculator can only give an unreliable and limited estimate as it is difficult to determine every need without a survey. There are several factors that need to be considered before getting an estimate for a high-rise installation and repair. Factors such as:

Type of Roof

Each type of roof has its own price. The cost of installing a flat roof is different from the cost of installing a sloped roof. In most cases, the best flat roof roofing material is either a single-ply roof or built-up bituminous roofing.

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A consistent, reliable, and true to their word roofing contractor will do things the same high quality way every time. If a roofing company you're consulting has no predictable process, they also have no predictable results. In other words, the return on your investment with them will be a gamble. At True Roofing, our roofing process is the same whether it's for a minor roof repair or a major roof replacement. Our results are high quality, reliable, predictable, repeatable. 


The Inspection

The inspection is the first step many contractors skimp on. That's a mistake that can cost both you as the customer and the roofer dearly. That doesn't mean it has to take a long time, however. An inspection by an experienced and highly qualified roofing veteran can be conducted in 30-60 minutes and again, they will follow a set process with a checklist to ensure complete assessment of the situation. If a roofer is casual about assessing your roof and flippant about quoting you thousands of dollars for repairs or installation, we suggest you move on to another company. The inspection sets the ground work for everything else.


Working Out The Details

The quoting, discussion of budgetary concerns, payment options such as financing, and finally scheduling. If you have any special notes or concerns, if you have specific scheduling, if you want a certain type of shingle, custom metal roof, tile roof, etc., we will discuss all these details with you, answer every possible question you have, and ensure you're ready to move on. True Roofing will never use high pressure sales tactics, nor will we ever need to. You will see the value upfront, and we do everything possible to make our services as affordable as possible to everyone at all budget levels. No high pressure sales, ever.


Doing it Right the First Time

The last step is to actually get out there and do the work. Whether it's a minor repair, major repair, small installation, major replacement, your roofing crew will treat it with the same level of attention that we treat all our projects. Armed with the detailed inspection notes and knowing exactly what needs to be done, prepared with the schedule and time frames, and any special notes & concerns you may have, our crew can proceed along the previously agreed on plan and execute it flawlessly. The purpose of the process is to standardize results, and we carry that mindset into our work on the roof as well. Do it once, do it right.

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Roof Access 

The cost of roof installation and repair is heavily influenced by factors such as height, material storage areas, occupancy, and property access. Easier access will undoubtedly lower your installation and repair costs, whereas difficult access will raise them.

Fasteners and Wind Loads

The type of fasteners required for your roof system will be determined by the location of your building, as well as weather and local codes. Some areas typically necessitate stronger fasteners at more frequent intervals than others.

Leak Location

Identifying the source of your roof's leakage is critical in determining whether or not your roof can be repaired. Roof leak detection nowadays warrants the use of high-tech infrared cameras and moisture meters, which are operated by experienced professionals who have been trained in the proper use of the equipment. This will be considered when preparing an estimate for roof repair.

Height and Pitch

The higher the roof, the more expensive it is to get people and materials up there. The cost of swing stages or scaffolding is considered. A steeper pitch will also increase costs due to the increased risks involved and the required safety measures for workers.

High Rise Roofing Services

High rise encompasses everything from apartments and condominiums to office buildings and industrial structures.

Commercial Roofing

Choosing the right roof for your building is just as important as the building you are constructing. 

Commercial Roof Repair

A roof can be said to be the most important component of a building, and the most expensive.

Residential Roofing

Installing a roof is an important decision when building your home. There is a lot to consider.

Residential Roof Repair

Most roofs are very durable and rarely need repair. But like everything else,

Roof Maintenance Programs

The cost of repairing and replacing your commercial roof can be extremely costly,  

High Rise Roofing

High rise encompasses everything from apartments and condominiums to office buildings

Flat Roof Installation and Repair

Flat roofs are extremely common in commercial and industrial structures. In contrast to sloped roofs,

Slate & Tile Roofing Installation and Repair

Slates and roof tiles are very traditional and popular because they have been in use for a long time

Metal Roofing Installation and Repair

Metal roofs are very rewarding roofing systems to have. They are made of steel, aluminum, or copper

Emergency Roof Repair

Roof repair should generally be considered urgent compared to other building repair projects.

24-hour Rapid Response Roofing Services.

Type and Extent of Damage

Wind, impact from storm-driven debris, ice and snow, normal wear and tear, or poor installation and materials can all cause roof problems. The cost of repairing a problem is heavily influenced by the nature of the problem.

Code Consideration

Your building may be subject to a variety of other local, regional, and state code requirements. These can have an impact on everything from insulation to substrate to ventilation and slope.

Geographic Location

Labor and material costs vary by location, as do permit requirements, safety codes, and access. If you’re located in a historic district or an area where the roof will be exposed to high wind loads, you’ll have additional code considerations.


Installing and repairing a roof on a high-rise building can be difficult. These are just a few of the factors to consider before installing or repairing your high-rise roofing system. 

If you want excellent service with long-lasting materials, it is recommended that you consult a contractor. The safety and security of high-rise roofing systems are far superior to that of other types of structures. As a result, it is critical to hire a contractor with whom you can trust and build a long-term relationship with.

At NE roofing contractors, we conduct a survey of your building, collect sufficient data from you, address safety concerns, and always meet deadlines. We will notify you if any circumstances arise that may have an impact on time and cost, as we have your best interests in mind.