Elizabeth Historical Society: A Fascinating Look at New Jersey’s Past

The Elizabeth Historical Society is a fascinating look into New Jersey’s history. The society is dedicated to preserving the history of Elizabeth, NJ, and its residents. Their collection is extensive and provides a unique glimpse into life in early America. If you’re interested in learning about New Jersey’s history, visit the Elizabeth Historical Society. Information can be found here.

Elizabeth Historical Society is one of the many historical societies in New Jersey. This particular society is dedicated to Elizabeth, New Elizabeth, and Newark – all of which are cities in New Jersey. The historical society has a wide array of exhibits and displays that help bring the history of these cities to life. See here for information about Liberty Hall Museum: A Fascinating Look into New Jersey’s History.

Elizabeth Historical Society’s popular exhibits are the Elizabeth City Hall Exhibit. This exhibit features a replica of Elizabeth City Hall, built-in 1869. The replica city hall is complete with a clock tower and stained glass windows. Visitors can explore the inside of the city hall and learn about its history.

The Elizabeth Historical Society also has an extensive collection of artifacts from Elizabeth’s past. These artifacts include items from the Elizabethtown Point Blanket Company, founded in 1814. The company manufactured blankets and other textiles that Elizabeth residents used.

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